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Marketing Organizations

American Marketing Association
Academy of International Business (AIB)
American Council on Consumer Interests (ACCI)
Association for Consumer Research (ACR)
Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
Direct Marketing Educational Foundation (DMEF)
Direct Selling Education Foundation
National Retail Federation  (NRF)


Teaching Resources

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching

Teaching Materials from the Ameican Marketing Association


Marketing Course Web Pages By Topic





Marketing and Money

Ganesh "GG" Gopala, University of North Texas. This is a mandatory marketing math class for marketing undergraduates. It is typically taught face to face but has also been taught numerous times as a completely online class using identical syllabi and materials in both formats.


Market Research (MBA)

Ganesh "GG" Gopala, University of North Texas. This is an MBA Market Research class that is taught completely online every Fall semester, starting in 2006.


Marketing Principles

Lars Perner, University of Southern California



Exporting--Helena Czepiec, California State Polytechnic
       University, Pomona

Marketing Seminar--Helena Czepiec, California State

        Polytechnic University, Pomona



Seleced Member Web Sites

Gerald Abergos, Association of Marketing Educators of the Philippines

David Ackerman, California State University, Northridge
Frank Alpert, Griffith University
Christopher Anicich, California State University, Fullerton
Maria Antikainen, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland
Andy Aylesworth, Bentley College
Don Bacon, University of Denver
John Barnes, Suny Institute of Technology
Dolores Barsellotti, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Debra Basil, University of Lethbridge

Michael Basil, University of Lethbridge
Myra Jo Bates, Bellevue University

George E. (Joe) Belch, San Diego State University
Hank Boyd, University of Maryland
Thomas Boyd, California State University,Fullerton

Lori Braunstein, Central Washington University
Claudia Bridges, California State University, Sacramento

Glen H. Brodowsky, California State University, San Marcos
Susan Cadwallader, California State University, Fullerton

John Camey, University of Central Oklahoma

Kenneth Chapman, California State University, Chico
Dennis Clayson, University of Northern Iowa
Robert Collins, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Chuck Comegys, Merrimack College
Brian Connett, California State University, Northridge
Theresa Conley
, University of Denver
James Cross, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mary Curren, California State University, Northridge
Deborah Cours, California State University, Northridge
Curt Dommeyer, California State University, Northridge

Helena Czepiec, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Clayton Daughtrey, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Robert Errey, University of Ballarat
Tim Foster, Lulea University
Nancy Frontczak, Metropolitan State College

Gopala "GG" Ganesh, University of North Texas
Neil Granitz, California State University, Fullerton

Barbara Gross, California State University, Northridge
Katrin Harich, California State University, Fullerton
Deborah D. Heisley, California State University, Northridge
Patricia Hopkins, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Carol Johnson, University of Denver

Brian K. Jorgensen, Westminster College

Richard Kao, California State University, Los Angeles

Gary L. Karns, Seattle Pacific University
Hal Kassarjian, California State University, Northridge
Craig Kelley, California State University, Sacramento
Tina Kiesler, California State University, Northridge
Stephen K. Koernig, DePaul University
Khoon Koh, Central Connecticut University
David L. Kurtz, Univeristy of Arkansas
Bruce Lammers, California State University, Northridge
Matthew Lancellotti, California State University, Fullerton
Irene Lange, California State University, Fullerton
Richard S. (Rich) Lapidus, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Jean Lefebvre, Central Connecticut University
Doug Lincoln, Boise State University
Robert Lupton, Central Washington University

Shelby H. McIntyre, Santa Clara University
Shekhar Misra, California State University, Chico
Linda Morris, University of Idaho
Sandra Mottner, Western Washington University
Michael Munson, Santa Clara University
Janice Payan, University of Northern Colorado
Lars Perner, University of Southern California
Steven Pharr, University of Idaho
David Rawlinson, Central Washington University
Jim Reardon, University of Northern Colorado

Juanita Roxas, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
John (Jack) Schibrowsky, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Regina P. Schlee, Seattle Pacific University

Shirley M. Stretch-Stephenson, California State University, Los Angeles
Sunil Thomas, California State University, Fullerton
Stuart Van Auken, Florida Gulf Coast University
Franck Vigneron, California State University, Northridge
Walker, Kristen, California State University, Northridge
Ludmilla Wells, Florida Gulf Coast University
Joel Whalen, DePaul University
Robert Wheeler, California State University, Fullerton
Debbora Whitson, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Wendy Wilhelm, Western Washington University
Mark Young, Winona State University



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